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It’s amazing how much pleasure a simple tree can give us. However, we should never forget that they’re living things and can, from time to time, pose challenges for us. Not carefully looked after by a professionals like Green Tree Surgeons Woking, they can become a nuisance or even a hazard to human life.


That’s why our tree surgeon experts in Woking, are on hand to provide an exemplary service when it comes to the care or disposal of your trees. Upon reaching the scene, our experts will perform a full assessment of what your tree needs and then formulate the exact course of action that’s required.


You see, tree surgery involves more than just chopping, felling, cutting and removing trees. A qualified arborist possesses a higher level of knowledge, scientific prowess, and expertise than an unqualified tree surgeon in Woking. He or she understand a tree’s anatomy and ecosystem and, with that knowledge, can provide the best possible service.



Tree Pollarding

Pollarding may be carried out, in order to encourage the development of a dense head of foliage while keeping the tree at its perfect height. This is especially valuable for those who have a row of trees and want them all to be a matching height.

Tree Removal

Your tree may have become an obstruction, be diseased, be impacting upon a neighbouring property, or even be a danger. All of these may demand removal. That’s a serious task – one best left to equipped and qualified professionals.

Tree Shaping

Your tree’s desired shape can be maintained by careful pruning which will also prevent it from encroaching into undesired areas. Not only that but it will also improve the quality of the flowers on and around it.

Tree Stump Removal

If tree stumps are spoiling the appearance of your property, being obstructive or even a hazard, call on us and we’ll soon remove that headache from your life.

Crown Reduction

The judicious pruning of live branches can be used to control the height and spread of a tree’s crown. By this method, we can limit how much shade a tree casts and help with its maintenance relative to its near surroundings.

Tree Pruning

Your tree’s long-term vitality can be aided and abetted by the pruning of deceased or unwanted branches, thus promoting safe and healthy growth.

Tree Reduction

Reducing the height of a tree can encourage the growth of its lower shoots, helping it to age in a natural way.

Hedge Trimming

In order to avoid your hedge becoming overgrown and untidy, regular trimming can be carried out.

Stump Grinding

Rather than actually taking a stump away, we can, instead, grind it down to ground level. After this, the roots will simply rot away, as nature takes its course. Any wood chips created by the grinding can then be used as mulch. For those on a tight budget, this can prove a far more cost-effective solution than simply having an entire stump carted away in one piece.

Tree Felling

You may be looking to create room for future projects. Possibly you’re looking to carry out logging. Then again, it may be that you simply wish to clear an area. All of these can be enabled by the services we give you.

Tree Maintenance

Actions which involve treatment and fertilisation can be performed, in order to improve the appearance and health of your tree.

Crown Thinning

In order to create a more consistent foliage density, without changing the tree’s overall size and shape, crown thinning can be performed. This involves the removal of the crown’s smaller and tertiary branches, improving the penetration of light, and air circulation within that crown.
Tree Climber Woking
Tree Climbers Woking

The Cost Of Tree Surgery In Woking

Every job we commit to is a unique venture. This means that it’s impossible to produce a set list of prices. The labour costs and challenges of each particular job will vary appropriately. There may also be variations between the needs of commercial and residential premises.

Likewise, weather and location are also factors. Attempting to climb a tree, in the depths of a wet and blustery winter, bears little resemblance to hedge trimming in midsummer and it’s unavoidable that charges will reflect this.

Much also depends upon the machinery required. Removing trees demands the hire or purchase of such tools as cranes, chainsaws and trucks. On the other hand, the removal of a tree stump may only necessitate the use of a stump grinder.

But whatever the job, you can always be certain we’ll do our best to offer the most competitive rates for tree surgery services in the whole of Woking. Because of this, you know we’ll always offer the very best value you can get.

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