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An Englishman’s home is his castle and a tree can often seem like an old friend. But we should always remember that, however inert a tree might seem, it can sometimes become a problem. If not looked after carefully by professionals, it’s possible for it to become a nuisance or even a peril to human life.


Fortunately, our tree surgery experts in Horsham are ever ready to provide a top-notch service when it comes to the care or disposal of your trees. Having arrived at the scene, our professionals will conduct a full assessment to see what needs to be done and then work out just how to do it.


This is because tree surgery isn’t just about felling, chopping, cutting or removal. Qualified arborists possess more knowledge, scientific prowess and expertise than you’ll get from an unqualified tree surgeon in Horsham. We understand a tree’s anatomy and ecosystem and, thanks to that, know exactly the right service to provide.



Tree Felling

It may be that you want to create more space for future projects or that you want to carry out logging. It’s always possible you simply want to clear an area. Whatever your reasons for needing a tree felled, we’re exactly the right people to do it.

Crown Thinning

By removing the crown’s smaller and tertiary branches, we can use crown thinning to produce a more consistent foliage density, all the while keeping the tree’s overall shape and size. This enhances the penetration of light and, also, air circulation within that crown.

Tree Shaping

Judicious pruning can be used to maintain your tree’s desired shape and prevent it growing in unwanted directions. On top of that, it can also improve the quality of the flowers on and around it.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be a real nuisance, spoiling the look of your property, creating obstacles or even posing a hazard. If so, call on us and we’ll eradicate that headache from your life.

Stump Grinding

Instead of removing the stump, we can grind it down to ground level. With the passage of time, the roots will simply rot away. An added bonus is that wood chips produced by the grinding can be used as mulch. This can be a more cost-effective solution than removing an entire stump, intact.

Tree Reduction

By reducing the height of your tree, we can encourage the growth of its lower shoots and help it to age in a natural way.

Hedge Trimming

To prevent your hedge becoming an overgrown and untidy mess, we’ll carry out regular trimming.

Tree Maintenance

In order to improve the appearance and health of your tree, we can carry out actions involving treatment and fertilisation.

Tree Pruning

Pruning your tree’s deceased or unwanted branches can greatly enhance its long-term vitality, helping to promote safe and healthy growth.

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is a good way to promote the growth of a dense head of foliage while keeping the tree at an ideal height. This is especially valuable if you own a line of trees and want them all to be the same height.

Crown Reduction

Knowledgeable pruning of live branches can be used to limit the height and spread of a tree’s crown. By this method, we can limit the amount of shade cast by a tree and assist its maintenance in relation to its immediate surroundings.

Tree Removal

If your tree has become an obstruction, is diseased, is impacting upon a nearby property or is becoming dangerous, you may need to have it removed. Needless to say, that’s a major task – and one best left to a properly equipped and trained professional.
Tree Climber Horsham
Tree Climbers Horsham

The Cost Of Tree Surgery In Horsham

Because every job our tree surgeons in Horsham do is a unique task, the labour costs and challenges will vary noticeably. Therefore, it’s impossible to quote a price here. It should also be born in mind that there may be variations between the requirements of residential and commercial premises.

Weather conditions and the precise location will also affect prices. For instance, having to climb a tree, while being hit by winter’s gales and rain, is a very different challenge to trimming a hedge in the middle of summer.

Prices will also be affected by the machinery required. Removing trees necessitates the purchasing or hiring of such tools as chainsaws, cranes and trucks, while removing a tree stump may only require the use of a stump grinder.

What really matters is you can be certain we’ll always do everything within our power to offer the most competitive rates for tree surgery services that you’ll find in the whole of Horsham. Thanks to this, you can be sure you’ll always receive the best value for money possible.

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Tree pruning Horsham

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