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There are few pleasures in this life finer than sitting beneath the shade of a tree on a sunny day. However, even trees don’t always behave themselves and there are times when they can become a problem.

If not well cared for in the hands of professional tree surgeons in Guildford, they may become a nuisance or even a threat to people’s safety. Fortunately, our tree surgery experts in Guildford, are just the people to provide you with the highest quality service when it comes to the care or disposal of your trees.

Once they arrive, our professionals will carry out a full assessment of your trees’ needs, before settling on exactly the course of action that’s needed.

Many may assume tree surgery involves just chopping, felling, cutting and removal of trees but we can offer you far more than just that.

That’s because qualified arborist possess a higher level of scientific expertise, knowledge and experience than you can get from a normal tree surgeon. Thanks to that, they understand a tree’s anatomy and ecosystem and can supply you with the best service possible.

Green Tree Surgeon Guildford serve both residential and commercial clients across Surrey including Guildford, Horsham and Woking. Please take a look below to see the full range of our services.



Tree Felling

Looking to create space for future projects? Or perhaps you want to carry out logging. Alternatively, you may simply wish to clear an area. Our services can make all of these things possible for you.

Crown Reduction

Pruning can be used to limit the height and spread of a tree’s crown, thanks to the judicious removing of live branches. This can reduce the amount of shade produced by the tree, while assisting in its maintenance in relation to its direct surroundings.

Tree Maintenance

In order to improve a tree’s health and appearance, action can be carried out which involves treatment and fertilisation.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can impair the look of a property, be obstructive and even hazardous. Hire us and we’ll soon get them out of your life.

Hedge Trimming

Because few people want their hedge to be in a state of unruly chaos, it is recommended that trimming be conducted regularly.

Tree Pruning

Thanks to the removal of dead or unwanted branches, pruning can genuinely improve your tree’s long-term vitality, helping to promote healthy, safe growth.

Tree Reduction

By reducing a tree’s height, we can can encourage its lower shoots to grow and help it age in a natural way.

Tree Shaping

Careful pruning can maintain the tree’s desired shape and also prevent it from spreading into unwanted areas, as well as improving the quality of the flowers on it.

Stump Grinding

We don’t even have to physically remove a stump. If you prefer, we can grind it down to ground level. This done, the roots will simply rot away. You can use any wood chips created by the grinding, as mulch. If your budget is tight, this can prove more cost-effective than having an entire stump taken away in one go.

Tree Pollarding

To encourage the development of a dense head of foliage, while keeping a tree at the perfect height, pollarding can be performed. This may be especially desirable if you have a line of trees and want them all to be the same height.

Crown Thinning

This will see the crown’s smaller and tertiary branches removed, in order to create a more consistent foliage density without altering the tree’s overall shape and size. By doing this, air circulation and the penetration of light can be increased within the crown.

Tree Removal

Is your tree diseased? Has it become an obstruction? Perhaps it’s impacting upon your neighbour’s property. It may even have become a danger. For any of these, removal is a major undertaking, best entrusted to an equipped and qualified professional.
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The Cost Of Tree Surgery In Guildford

Because every job we undertake is unique, it’s impossible for our services to have a set price. The challenges of a particular job, and its labour costs, will vary noticeably. Also, the nature of the required services, and their quantity, will also affect the price. There may also be differences between the needs of residential and commercial properties.

Location and weather are also relevant. Scaling a tree, in the gales and rain of winter, is very different to shaping a hedge in the height of summer. It’s inevitable that pricing reflects this.

Costs also depend upon the nature of the service you need. Removing trees demands the hire or purchase of equipment such as chainsaws, cranes and trucks. Conversely, tackling a tree stump only needs a stump grinder. These considerations will affect costs.

However, what you can depend on is that our tree surgeons in Guildford always strive to provide the most competitive rates you can find for tree surgery services in the entire area. Thanks to this, you can always rely on us to offer the very best value-for-money around.

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